It has been a while! Wow. Months have passed. The main reason for this is I went on a three week road trip with my family, returned for a few days, and then went to Canada for a wedding. The other reason I have made no progress on a game is I decided to make a sprite editor. I'm not sure why I did this, there are already ones out there that exist, but it was a fun exercise and I learned a lot of Zig and Imgui skills while I was at it. Not to mention i contributed some code to an open source repo.
The three components of a GBA background is the palette, the tiles and the map. The tool i made lets you specify the colour in the palette, then draw on an 8x8 tile, and then assemble the tiles into a background. I added in an export button which dumps the palette, tiles and map in the correct format as a set of Zig arrays that can be copied directly into the GBA memory. In theory this should let me assemble background screens faster (Ignoring the one month I was working on the editor as a sunk cost). I also can use it to draw objects to use as sprites, which will save me some time. So now onto making a game, I have less than a month to do so before the game jam ends. Luckily I have a reasonably simple idea that should be achievable. Before then I think I should probably add in a load/save function to my editor though, to avoid future frustrations.

Current Goal: Add Load/Save to Editor.

Ongoing Goal: Write a game.