Game Jam. 01,08,22 Top
The GBA Game jam starts today. I don't know anything about GBA development. I also know very little about coding in Zig. However, in the next couple months, I am going to make a GBA game using Zig. Should be fun. Follow along I will try to post articles over at /this part of my site.
More websiting. 31,07,22 Top
I finished up some work, that was satisfying. Basically the about page is now done, and the plugins page also has the less insane and more useful plugins linked. Game jam starts tomorrow although not sure how much time I will have. Will attempt to dedicate at least an hour or two to it. I have a cunning plan...
Redo The Website 30,07,22 Top
Time to have another go at setting up my website. I want to get it sorted so I can put stuff on here for the GBA game jam.